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Luxury Hand-Rolled Cigars for the Culture

Allure Cigars

by Fonzie Mayfield

The Experience

Allure Cigars is a unique brand established in 2018, offering an assortment of carefully blended cigars. Allure Cigars uses premium tobaccos in a uniquely blended formula to give smokers their best smoking experience. Allure Cigars come in strengths from mild to full, with both infused and non infused options. Our Cigars are created to celebrate life and culture.  All of this makes Allure Cigars a unique experience in today's market of boutique cigars.

Cigar photo1.jpg


Allure Cigars are smooth and satisfying. I tried the ‘Black Exec’ and was amazed!

Loved it! And they are from right here in North Minneapolis, it gets no better than that! 


 Sweet finish, long lasting and it went great with my drink. 

A great smoke! Lasting flavor and great for pairing with your favorite drink. 


Allure Cigars are high quality cigars that are rolled tight, have nice blended flavors & burn nice & slow. If you haven't tried one, I recommend that you do & buy some to share with your crew. 

Prompt business and knowledgeable about cigars. Also has very creative ideas [for custom cigar boxes]!

Phenomenal quality and taste. The Kendrick is my pick, very smooth and not bitter which I love in my cigars! Professional and prompt service. 

Cigars have a great taste with a nice finish. No bitter aftertaste at all. I've had the Kendrick Classic and would definitely recommend it to anyone else!

Perfect smoke! Full flavor, great pull and lasted me a good while through drink & conversation  

Our Leaves


The most basic method of categorizing cigars is by the method in which they are made. Cigars are either rolled by hand, or manufactured by machines. The novice smoker may be tempted to start by trying those machine made brands but, the aspiring connoisseur should consider trying hand rolled cigars. Once you have tasted the difference, it will be hard to go back to smoking machine made cigars again.

All of our hand rolled cigars are made with a premium Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco, and all three fillers are made from 100% tobacco.

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