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Events with Allure Cigars

If you are looking for a fun feature to add to your big day, look no further. A cigar presentation provides entertainment along with a premium cigar for your guests to enjoy on-site, or to take home.

With us, you can expect an educational and entertaining experience. Allure Cigars will create the perfect presentation for your special day. 

Let us plan your cigar bar! Call for a free concierge consultation for assistance in planning from start to finish. We will help you choose cigars that will best suit your event.



Cost will vary based on event needs. 

All event bookings are a two hour minimum and include the following:


Allure Cigars Representative


Product Displays


Cigar Education


Personalized Menu

Booking Inquiry


Terms of business and cancellation policy are binding: in this document the “customer” refers to the host/contact, agent, credit card holder or company making the booking. Email is an acceptable form of writing for confirmations and communications.


1.Customer credit card details supplied above are to secure a booking and will be used and charged in the event of a late

cancellation or a no show.

2.We do not allow any form of entertainment unless previously organized and agreed in advance with the restaurant.

3.We do not accept checks; if you wish to pay in advance please contact Allure Cigars to submit electronic payment or cash.

4.Formal invoices can be arranged to make a full pre-payment in advance of your booking -please contact Allure Cigars

5. (*For pre-purchased cigars only) Final numbers of guests must be confirmed 1week prior to the booking date

-this will be the minimum number of cigars which will be charged.


Example: If the final confirmed number at 1week is greater than the number that arrive, charges will be levied at the number confirmed at 1 week.



Notice of cancellation must be given by the customer in writing or by email 14 days(standard) before the date of the booking-the customer will then receive a confirmation email from Allure Cigars acknowledging the cancellation.   If such notice is not given a minimum charge of ( ) will be applied to the supplied and signed credit card above.

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